PCB Design Service

- Highly experienced and skilled designer with vast experience in the PCB industry

- Delivered number of complex multi-layered designs up to 40 layers with high quality

- Experienced in Rigid, Flex, HDI, Micro vias, Fine pitch and Impedance controlled designs

- Excellent knowledge in High-speed designs with tight TOF/Matched length/Skew requirements

- Schematic capture with Hierarchical blocks, Electrical rule checks, Netlist, and BOM generation

- Collaboration with teams like MCAD, Manufacturer, Assy plant, EMI/EMC, Component engineer


Library Development

- Creation of logical symbols and footprints as per data sheet/IEEE/IPC standards

- Mapping of symbols and footprints to create a part number and validation

- Creation and maintenance of logical and physical reusable/managed blocks in the library

- Management of part parameters and controlling versions of changes in symbols and cells

- Management of library data using Data Management System and PLM tool.

- Maintaining a centralized library and synchronizing to all global design centers


CAM Validation

- CAM engineer with working experience in a manufacturing plant for CAM validation

- Thorough knowledge in Gerber file format, ODB++ files, IDF files, and other CAM files

- Panel creation from Gerber and ODB++ file and generations of Gerber and NC drill files 

- DFM checks through various CAM tools for 100+ automated checks and also visual checks

- Fabrication, Assembly and Stencil drawing generation and Assembly files for placement


Automation and Scripting

- Experts in creating automation for Mentor Graphics tools and interfacing using COM object

- Custom functionalities development, custom checks / reports / files generation using automation

- Automating repeated manual work in the PCB design process for high productivity and consistent quality

- New functionalities / automations are developed with .NET / VBS / Java script based on the requirement


Tech Support and Consultancy

- Mentor Graphics tools specialist can fix tool issues and provide a workaround for limitations in the tool

- Experts can fix database corruption issues and recover data avoiding losing design data and time

- Experts can help in defining PCB design process flow and create documents/checklists for designers

- Tech support in setting up software installation, configuration, up-gradation, and maintenance support


Reverse Engineering

- Lost PCB design and Gerber? It can be recreated from the bare board (single and double layers)

- Creation of Schematic diagram, Netlist, Gerber and other Files from reverse-engineered designs

- 100% matching of bare board to reverse-engineered designs for trace and component locations